A Treatment for the song "Patient" by:


Presented by Absurd Hero Productions, a Los Angeles based motion picture company.  

The story

When we first listened to Patient, we instantly started thinking about the passage of time. What does that mean? How do we experience it? How do we cope with it? Society today has us feeling like we're up against a ticking clock, accelerated cultural change - that "our lives are ending one minute at a time". The struggle to find meaning during our limited lifespans has some of us moving through life with such urgency, we miss out completely, becoming only a pale shadow of our potential selves. Humans do all sorts of activities to deal with the passage of time - jobs, families, dreams, drugs, sex & violence. Rarely is practicing patience on that list. Coping with the fact that, one day, this will all be over, is a challenge every individual must address. So, as we all find ourselves in this ageless battle to find meaning in the face of Father Time, this video will be a twisted, fearful tale about walking the thin line between the light and the darkness. 

Traditionally, when a man sees something he wants - a beautiful woman, a nice car, a shot of heroin - he pursues it. He is the engager, the pursuer. He brings it to himself. We believe it to be common thought that the man is usually the aggressor in most situations, at least where there is an object of desire. Patient made us want to explore the other side of that same desire. When love goes wrong. When Cupid’s arrows become deadly. And we want to see that rage and hate come from a woman. We want to see darkness wear the face of beauty, only to continuously show its true colors. It made us want to see the other side of the coin, where he is pursued. Relationships gets messy all the time, especially the one we all have to the darkness within.  When love turns to hate. In this video, we will show a dark portrait of obsession, where the power of passion resides with the female and violence is intertwined with love like the fingers on hands of toxic lovers who can’t let go of each other.

The video unfolds in two parts: the narrative, and the performance. Our Hero’s journey starts as he finds himself on the run in an alluring nightmare. Starting with the location, a high contrast environment - light pours through breaks in concrete, crevices, slits and stairs and cracked doors, creating pools of safe space for the kind of heart, but plenty of darkness for the wicked to roam. Stuck in this industrial chaos, our Hero runs for his life, trying to evade the poisonous kiss of angry past lovers. Constantly moving through this giant abandoned space, desperately trying to escape the constant pursuit of beautiful and dangerous Sirens, the audience understands that this is our Hero's dark night of the soul, his reckoning, his 11th hour. He is active - running, going, trying to get away, narrowly missing the greedy jaws of a love affair gone wrong. Each Siren will personify a sin, an addiction, a defect - they will each stand for one of the many faces of darkness. We take breaks from our Hero's battles as wide shafts of sunlight strike band members during wild performances, with ground shaking energy. It's obvious our Hero's path is treacherous, the route is rugged, the way is painful, but he has to make it out. He fights to be freed from the bondage of self, to make it out of the darkness and into the light. No easy task. Conquering one temptation after another, overcoming pitfalls of trickery, avoiding being bludgeoned by murder weapons, our Hero must escape this dim, dingy nightmare and finally get out from under the spell of this serpent beneath the rose. Finally, our Hero finds the exit! He is almost home free! Never to return to the darkness. His fox hole prayer was answered. Then, just feet away from redemption - he is caught off guard and gets his throat slit - Catelyn Stark-style. Our final image is of our Hero's lifeless body...his flesh being consumed by Sirens of the Hydra.

Through creative and sometimes blatant symbolism, we want to imply a struggle with addiction, of all kinds, taking shape as the desire for something beautiful, a desire to be connected to life, to our purpose, to our fellows. The path paved by others before us seem to show that as beautiful as the vices can be at times, there is always a deep sense of wanting to be away from it. To be free from it. To not need or want it. A seemingly natural byproduct of using vices as a main coping device to deal with the uncertainty of existence is explosive pain and often tragedy. We want the audience to be on the front lines witnessing the thin veneer of sanity by having a first class, colorful and stylistic view of the dark side of love. We want to be their guide across the river Styx... 


Our plan would be to stage this fantasy battle / chase scene at an abandoned machine factory / industrial warehouse / power plant in Los Angeles. With the rugged textures, deep shadows and bent metal rebar spiraling through concrete pillars that branch out like spiderwebs, the location will become one of the main characters in this dark narrative. The sunlight will pour through giant windows, collecting in scattered pools, which will create great contrast and lend another hand to the concept of duality - of light vs. dark.