A Treatment for the song "ferrari" by:


Presented by Absurd Hero Productions, a Los Angeles based motion picture company.  

The story

Press play. Fade in...

Out in front of an old body shop, a young Gashi and his brother are seated on the knee of their father, who holds open a magazine. The spread reveals two images, one of a smokin' hot model in an 80's style bikini and the other...a 1984 red Ferrari. 

Their father asks each boy the same question: "Which one would you pick?" Gashi's brother quickly jumps to answer - "that one!" he says, pointing to the hot model. Beaten to the punch it seems, their dad turns to young Gashi...who, after a moment, points to the red Ferrari. Surprised, his father says, "Why did you chose that one, son?" With a wide smile, young Gashi looks right into his father's eyes and points at the Ferrari saying, "If I get that" (points to the car)..."I get that" (points to the girl). His father looks proud - when suddenly the muffled sounds of a deep fryer and someone yelling "Larry, damn it! Larry!" interrupts as we - 

...are now in a shitty fast food joint. Present day. And Larry Gashi is zoned out...flippin' burgers... 

His boss is yelling at him to hurry up and go get some more tomatoes from the walk in freezer. Gashi snaps to and does as he's told. In the freezer, he grabs a bucket of tomatoes and walks out. On his way back to the grill, from outside the window, something catches his eye - a dude in a nice car, with a girl under his arm. The hot couple jump in their ride and take off. As Gashi watches, the camera slowly pushes in and it's back to daydreaming as we bust into...  


Our plan would be to shoot this video on a large green screen, rent a red Ferrari and do a sick mashup of an 80's style, night rider journey through a neon highway where Gashi would run into a group of hot cyberspace babes with big boobs & attitudes, escape a pair of goofball cops and end up cruising toward a glowing super city soaked in radiant vapor waves of flashing lights.