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Being no more than 5 pages, this script should be about creativity through limitations. Since the winner of this monthly contest will actually see their work get made, the story must take place in one location, with no major events, stunts, props, pyrotechnics, etc. The script must be a feasible concept in order to be selected, and the entrant must be the creator of the content submitted. The script must also be accompanied by a single sentence Logline to be considered.

  • Each month, only the first 500 scripts submitted are accepted into the contest.
  • Each month, a Short List of 100 scripts is posted on the Absurd Hero Productions Facebook Page. Those writers are encouraged to resubmit the same script for next month's contest, increasing their odds of winning.
  • Any writers who submit consecutively become eligible for our monthly raffle, which includes paid positions on the crew, free entry waivers, script consultations, on-set shadowing, and other offers and prizes.
  • One Grand Prize and nine runner-up winners are selected each month.
  • Early bird entry fee is only $10. It is the lowest entry fee of any current script contest.

Using the industry's most versatile and cutting edge motion picture equipment, our crew of Hollywood professionals will be there every step of the way to assist production through dynamic steadi-cam, super slow motion, handheld and aerial photography. Using the Adobe Suite, our post production workflow makes it easy to migrate the project efficiently between editing and visual effects, minimizing turnaround times.  

In helping to find and foster new talent, Get It Made provides the opportunity for writers to see their short-form script produced and seen by industry professionals. Founded by Hollywood pros who have worked on major film and TV productions in Los Angeles, Get It Made collaboratively applies their skills to your script. By having your short-form script made to professional standards, Get It Made can be your stepping stone into a career in screenwriting. 

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“Probably some of the best things that have ever happened to you in life, happened because you said yes to something. Otherwise things just sort of stay the same.” 
― Danny Wallace, Yes Man