A content and marketing proposal for the Band:

The gist

First of all, thank you for inviting me to watch Bleach practice, the nostalgia was very heartwarming. After watching the band play, meeting everyone, looking through the hard drive with the current history of assets for the band, talking with Randy, and having a few days to digest all this info - I must say I'm excited to help Bleach grow. Being in a rock band similar to Bleach until I was 25 years old, I'm extremely confident that you guys have found the perfect content creator for this project. Below are some "thought starters" that outline a possible path for building a brand identity for Bleach. My main goal is to deliver content that you guys are excited about and I want it to be a lot of fun to make for the band as well. By working together through the entire process, we can ensure satisfaction. My company prides itself on working with meaningful projects, no matter the budget.


"An artist needs to have a direct line of contact with fans, and their web-presence is one of the most important tools to help create and maintain that connection"...   

website / Online EPk

A bands online presence and content are obviously very important. Having a headquarters for Bleach on the web for their videos, news, photos, live streams, etc., is a very easy and effective way to build the band's image. I would suggest using Squarespace to build the website. I build all my website content with Squarespace because it has very modern and simple layouts that are user friendly and easy to update. A website will be the digital infrastructure for the bands image for years to come. Bleachmusic.com maybe? Something like that. Being a constant source for updates, a good site will put the bands best foot forward and keep fans current. As the home of the band online, it will have links to all the social media outlets as well. Also, creating a digital One Sheet / Bio (PDF as well), will help bookers get to know the band's "personality" in a single document, accompanied by photos, the band logo, press quotes, testimonials and links to online content. This will make it easier to chose Bleach for those awesome upcoming shows. Here are a just a couple examples of a band website:

5 Seconds of Summer

Blink 182

Promo video(s) length 1-2 min.

Let the fans get an inside look at the lives of the band members. Interviews, goofing off in the studio, talking about life so far, cut with live footage, etc., these videos will document all the Behind the Scenes action and will give fans an idea of what it would be like to know them or be friends with them. Press play on the reference video below to get an idea of what this might be like... 

Band pictures (QTY 5-10 / Live & Staged)

"One of the most important elements of a band's presence is how they present themselves visually..."

A picture is worth a thousand words. These snap shots in time allow for a super fan to zone out on over and over. My suggest would be to have both a live photo shoot and a studio photo shoot. We can get the guys all styled up and take some really great, high resoultion images that can be used and recycled for marketing purposes ad infinitum. Check out these reference photos: 

Next Level

"Music videos as an art form are as important now as they’ve ever been. They’re part of our visual language — a significant part of the culture of our consumption of music, art and entertainment…and they are also a great way to spend five minutes in the afternoon..."

Music Videos / Live Performances

Most bands are hands-on, DIY operations. Since marketing and promotion are total beasts, having some knowledgable and experienced outside help can really direct the project toward success. In my opinion, considering the landscape today, a band doing their own release, putting their own money and sweat equity into the music and it's promotion, makes the band that much more desirable. Having a few different legit music videos, and maybe even some companion lyric videos, the band can really start getting experience as the pros that they are sure to become over the next 5 years. I suggest one music video be on a stage, another music video be an exterior around iconic landmarks in LA, and finally a live, multi-camera performance to simulate the arena experience. 

Chase Atlantic "Obsessive"

5 Seconds of Summer - LIVE

Chase Atlantic "Keep It Up"

Album cover art/inserts 

Created from the professional photographs taken during the studio sessions, or an illustrator, the perfect album cover should surface as the band develops and puts out a record. This leading image will likely be the most viewed photo for the band, as it will be the thumbnail for most of the streaming platforms. Having a killer album cover, and some band artwork, to decorate the sound of the band's music is definitely next level. Check out some of these current young rock star album covers:

Marketing / Social Media

"Social Media tools can help to strengthen a band's brand perception by communicating core values directly to a wider audience...constantly."

Social Media becomes a powerful marketing tool when it's used right, and there are quite a lot of ways to use it. After getting the band a profile on as many of the major social media outlets as thought necessary, such as YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat, there will be a constant opportunity and platform for connecting directly to fans. We could eventually even Facebook Live Stream shows & rehearsals, use all the aforementioned content to constantly populate the social media feeds, and much more. 


With access and ownership of the industry's most versatile and cutting edge motion picture equipment, our crew of Hollywood professionals will be there every step of the way to assist the production in all facets. Using the Adobe Suite post production workflow, migrating between editing and effects will be maximized, minimizing turnaround times. Although I have a lot of gear, often times extra operators are required to ensure quality standards.  


"They say that love is more important than money, but have you ever tried to pay your bills with a hug?"
Money Tree.png


...knows that money doesn't grow on trees. It would be rad if it did. Ironically, it can only be made by killing trees, so we have adopted a "DIY" attitude and through our extensive network of collaborative relationships, we offer our clients the industry standard filmmaking process at an affordable cost. Our in-house production gear and editorial equipment help to streamline our workflow. Save the trees!

Our "friends & family" Quote to do this project correctly would be $10,000+. However, we are able to bring any size project from inception to completion and will work with Bleach to find a package that works for them.

If interested in receiving a more detailed outline, please contact Matt Boda @:

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