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A Collaborative Effort

"Filmmaking is all about appreciating the talents of the people you surround yourself with and knowing you could never have made any of this by yourself..." - Steven Spielberg 

Absurd Hero adopts a "DIY" attitude and through our extensive network of collaborative relationships, we offer our clients the industry standard filmmaking process at an affordable cost. Our in-house production gear and editorial equipment help to streamline our workflow. Making quality films has never been more accessible or more efficient. Personally, being a professional filmmaker for over decade has helped make me a great communicator. Having worked on film crews for years, racking up multiple credits on some of Hollywoods biggest productions, then having moved into directing and acting in many quality projects, I have a unique perspective as a producer. My company is delighted to work with Deloitte and will use all of our experience and knowledge to help bring this vision to life... 

getting started


“If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed.” – Stanley Kubrick

As the film production process unfolds, our first order of business will be to secure our stage / office space location. Having just under a month to organize, finding an space with enough square footage to accommodate the concept is going to be key. Check out a few photos from some locations we have in mind...

Finding the Stars


"Casting is so important, with any film you do. You have to get actors that you believe will fulfill the promise of the characters that are on the page..." - Meryl Streep

Hiring talented singers and performers is a big part of the fun. Considering that the concept showcases four different personality types, choosing the right actors to represent each role appropriately will certainly be a collaborative effort. We will be streamlining the casting process by hiring a Casting Director who will manage and coordinate all of our auditions, creating a "shortlist" of talent for the team to chose from. After creating a breakdown document for each character, we will put out a general casting call and start taking submissions. Reviewing all the talented folks out there may be tedious, but that's where we find the stars...    

All Hands on Deck


"Individual commitment to a group effort...that is what makes a film work, a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work..." - Kathryn Bigelow

Our crew of Hollywood professionals will be there every step of the way to assist the production in all aspects. Some mayor roles on this particular project include the Director of Photography, who is responsible for making pretty moving pictures, the Production Designer, who will bring to life the feeling of each scene through color, props and overall set design, the Costume Designer, who's main goal is to viscerally transport us to another world through fabric, our Choreographer, who will move us through the story in the most physically entertaining way and of course, the Director, who is going to have us all crying from laughter. Not to mention how amazingly catchy the song is...

Here are some of the key players we are considering for these positions:

Brandon Woodard -

Director of Photography:

Brandon is a partner at Absurd Hero and is one of the most amazing young cinematographers emerging in Hollywood today. Brandon has been working professionally for over ten years as a cinematographer, editor, and digital colorist on feature films, commericals and music videos. Brandon received a BA in Digital Film Making and an MFA in Cinematography from the University of Montana. 

Melissa MCSorley -

Production Designer:

Melissa is a Union Art Director most known for her work on huge TV shows such as Mad Men, Community and Desperate Housewives. She has also work on really great films like The Gambler, starring Mark Wahlberg and Hail, Cesar!, staring George Clooney. She's super talented with design and super fun to be around. 

Carly Ballet -


Carly Ballet is a Los Angeles based professional who has choreographed complex dance numbers for over a decade. As a professional dancer, she's worked with really big artists, such as Fergie and Meghan Trainor, and will definitely create awesome, high energy performances. Carly is one of a kind and will gladly go the extra mile to make this video great.

Arin Burke -

Costume Designer:

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Arin Burke is a Union Costumer with loads of experience with TV and Film. She has worked on acclaimed shows like the new Netflix smash his, Glow, as well as Amazon's, Hand of God, MTV's, Awkward and much more. Arin is gonna make everyone look super legit.   

Equipment & Technology

I like the feeling of making things. It's very very rewarding. And filmmaking is that type of experience where you're forced to collaborate with so many people, you're around so much technology and equipment, and when it's done, you're like, 'we made this movie'..." - Chris Evans

See You On Set

"Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean, we will miss you, until we meet again..." - Some Dude

Absurd Hero is sure to impress you with our gadgets and our ability to coordinate a million moving parts all at once. With access and ownership of the industry's most versatile and cutting edge motion picture equipment, we can guarantee that the film will look absolutely amazing. Through dynamic camera movements, flashy lighting cues, sick dance moves and killer costumes, the Deloitte Business Chemistry Music Video is surely going to be a hit with the employees and beyond...